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White Birch Landscaping, Inc. offers residential and commercial tree services in the Brewster, NY area. We remove trees and shrubs, and we trim trees, too. If your yard is filled with overbearing trees, get in touch with us today to schedule tree removal or trimming.

When should you remove a tree?

When should you remove a tree?

We all love having trees in our yards, because they provide shade and beauty. But sometimes, a tree must go. Call White Birch Landscaping now if you need to schedule tree removal in Brewster, NY. You should remove a tree ASAP if:

  1. The tree is dead
  2. The tree is leaning or in danger of falling
  3. The tree is showing signs of rot or disease

Our experienced crew will remove the tree safely, so you don't have to worry about it falling on your property. If your tree is simply overgrown, we'll trim it. Contact us today for a free estimate on tree trimming or removal in Brewster, NY.