Restore Your Foundation's Strength

If your foundation is damaged, schedule foundation repair in Brewster, NY

Have you noticed a problem in your home's foundation, like a crack or shift? If so, arrange for foundation repair services by White Birch Landscaping, Inc. of Brewster, NY. If your foundation is cracked, we'll provide specialty foundation crack repair service. If there is another problem, we'll repair that as well.

When do you need foundation repair?

When do you need foundation repair?

If you're not familiar with your foundation, you might not know when or if you need a foundation-specific service like foundation crack repair.

You might need foundation repair services if:

  • You see a crack in the foundation
  • You see a crack in a wall
  • You notice doors and windows sticking
  • You find crown molding or caulking pulling away from the surface
If you see these signs, call 845-259-9913 immediately. Our foundation repair will fix the problem and restore your foundation.